The Grammy’s, Blink 182 getting back together, and The Pro-Bowl

Well well well…

I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to watch the Grammy’s. I decided I would do that tonight because I heard that Blink 182 was going to make an announcement. Other than the announcement of saying that Coldplay won best rock band of 2008, they decided to let everyone know that they were going to be making music together again!

Here is a message from the band:

Other notes about the Grammy’s… i missed Coldplay’s performance but I will look that up later. I stopped watching after Neil Diamond sang “Sweet Caroline”… brings back too many memories of the piano bar down at power and light. Other than that, I witnessed Miley Cirus butcher a Taylor Swift song…. Taylor is a good singer and can play guitar while singing, so at least she’s got some talent. I can not respect someone like Miley Cirus, i’m sorry if you’re a fan. Actually, i’m not. She’s good for little kids, but if you are over the age of 10 and enjoy Miley Cirus please come back to the real world.

There are too many collaborations going on these days. Almost every performance was done with more than one artist together. I know they do this to save time and not let the show drag on, but please, it got rediculous. MIA wearing close to nothing while being pregnant (9 months pregnant) was gross. Please, never let anyone do that on national television again. It was also very obvious to me that there was a lot of lip synching going on through out the evening… most notable was Katy Perry and The Jonas Brothers. Terrible.

The best performance of the night that I saw, by far, was Radiohead. They played with the USC marching band and it sounded great together. The singer seemed to have been on some sort of drug at the time, and probably was while writing the song as well, but it looked awesome on stage. Props to those guys.

In the end, glad to see Blink is coming back together to make music. The whole +44/Angels and Airwaves thing seemed weird to me. New album/tour coming this summer! Can’t wait to hear more info on this soon…

Onto sports… the pro-bowl was today! I got to watch a little bit of it and two things stood out to me. Jared Allen (former Chiefs player) is the best defensive end in the NFL… and Larry Fitzgerland is the best wide reciever in the NFL. I think Larry Fitzgerald has the potential to become one of the all time great recievers in NFL history. He’s just so dominant and will be in the league for years to come. It will be fun to watch him play for the rest of his career and tell my kids/grandkids that I watched him play.

I watched a little bit of the Lakers/Cavs game and some announcers are just stupid. Here’s the situation: Labron James shot a deep 3 from the center of the court with 1 second left on the shot clock. Ball hits the backboard and then hits the rim and shoots sideways toward the bench and out of bounds. The announcer then goes on to say “I don’t even think the ball hit the rim…” So let’s get this straight. A ball can hit off a flat surface and take a 90 degree turn for the sideline without getting any help at all? IDIOT! While i’m ranting, i never have and never will like Cris Collinsworth. OK, rant is over.

Hope you all had a pleasant Sunday and hope you have a great upcoming week. If I have anything to write about then i’ll post a new blog. Until then…



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