American Idol and MxPx plus some others

So I just read an article about a girl from American Idol who made the top 36. Her name is Joanna Pacitti. I guess she released an album on Geffin Records in 2006, thus disqualifying her from the competition. Here’s what i think… If she was dropped from the label, I think she deserves another chance to showcase what she’s got. Let America decide if she is good enough to be an “American Idol”. Let America decide if Geffin Records was correct, or if they really messed up… actually if she won then Geffin would even be a winner because people would be searching to try to find her previous album/albums. Anyway, I think that they need to follow the rules that are set, but I also think that since the girl made it that far already, let her stay in and have a second shot at being a professional musician.

In other news, MxPx is releasing another covers album! I’m sure it will be a winner… and it’s already been announced that it will be 80’s themed. Rock and roll baby!

I just heard on the new tooth and nail podcast that As Cities Burn has announced a release date… April 7th! Mark your calenders because I’m sure this will be a release you will not want to miss. ACB was my top album of 2007. They have never disappointed me in their two releases to date. Also, Mewithoutyou will be releasing their new album on May 26th! This is a good year for music, that is for sure!

Hope you all have a good weekend… anyone doing anything special for Valentine’s Day? I’m going to a wedding in Iowa. Hope you all are well.



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