Music, Lyrics, and meaning

So i’ve been listening to The Juliana Theory a lot the last  couple of days. They were one of my favorite bands in high school and I still enjoy them a lot when their name comes up on my computer or ipod. One thing I like about this band is how relatable the lyrics are and how well they go with the music that was composed with them. I have always wondered what OTHER people like about the music they listen to. Is it the music, is it the lyrics, or is it the image of the band? OR a mix of all of those?  I personally love hearing the music and lyrics fitting so well together. I also love listening to a song and digging into what the meaning behind the song is. Sometimes the song writer writes lyrics in very specific terms, other times it is left to the listener to decide what the song is about. I’m going to give you an example of one of the songs by The Juliana Theory and my interpretation of the song:

“For Evangeline”

In one night you made me your own,
the deepest embrace’s creation.
I layed there for days and you forgot
In one night you made me your own
In one hour you gave me away to the angels
You sent me up to the sky
Now their wings fan the heat from
the face you’ll never see,
the hair you’ll never smell,
the little hands you’ll never hold.
Now i am but a silhouette down there.
A silhouette of a memory of a solitary night nothing more.

I feel like this song is about someone who had an abortion. It seems like the it’s coming from the prespective of the unborn child. I could be way off, but that is just how I see the song. It could be about something totally different, I’ve never talked to the singer about this song and what the actual meaning of the song is… but it’s a possibilty. I love disecting songs and trying to figure out the meaning, or making up my own meaning to the song to make it make sense in my head and help me to connect to it better. You can probably see how I came to the conclusion I did with this song, but if not, here’s a run down of my thoughts:

The line “In one night you made me your own” is talking about the parents having sex, and the following lines are about creating a life and the child lays in the mother’s womb. It repeats the line of “Making me your own” to bring us back to that point. In following it adds “In one night you gave me away to the angels”… creating the image of this life not being able to survive and joining the angels in heaven. It goes on to say lines like “Now their wings fan the heat from the face you’ll never see, the hair you’ll never smell, and little hands you’ll never touch.” It’s a very sad song really. Basically, to me, the child is saying you made a mistake letting me go before I had a chance to even live. In the end of the song it states “Now I am just a silouhette of a memory of a solitary night and nothing more”… pretty self explanitory. So those are the conclusions I drew. I’m sure you can take this song in another direction, but that’s just how i see it.

So, i may over analyze songs, but I sure have a good time doing it! Let me know your thoughts on music, lyrics, and the meaning behind songs!



3 responses to “Music, Lyrics, and meaning

  1. That is EXACTLY what I thought this song was about too! The Juliana Theory is a great band. I had forgotten about them. I should listen to them more!

  2. WoW….. I love hearing this side of you. :0)
    Very sad song though, yet at the same time very beautiful!

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