And for a late sports blog… Griffey Jr. back with the M’s!

Ken Griffey Jr. is back with the Seattle Mariners! This happened last week but i was busy blogging about music and didn’t really wanna mix sports with music in the same blog.

So, I like this move. It is a win win situation for both parties. The Mariners get their most recognizable player of all time back on their team. He will surely draw many more ticket sales than they would get without him on the team. They weren’t exactly the best team in the league last year, so this is a good move. He still has some power, too. He can get you 20-30 home runs if he can stay healthy. To add to helping this cause, he can play DH being that the Mariners are in the American League. He will add Veteran experience and could help the M’s if they can make a playoff run. Wouldn’t it be great if he went out with a World Series ring with HIS team?!?! I think that would just be perfect.

Also, Mike Sweeney signed a minor league deal with the Mariners…. I would love to see Sweeney climb his way up and contend to play some 1st base or DH if Griffey plays some outfield. Sure, this team has some old guys, but they have youth as well. It could be a good season for the Mariners if they can pull together as a team and go out and perform at the top of their game.

Good luck Mariners, I hope you re-gain your form as an American League contender. And good luck to my favorite player of all time, Ken Griffey Jr. Welcome back to Seattle!


2 responses to “And for a late sports blog… Griffey Jr. back with the M’s!

  1. so….remind me of where Sweeny was last year….minor league….hmmm. Maybe we should really try to get to Phoenix to see the Mariners in Spring training. They are in Tucson when I am back in KC.

  2. Yes, you should go!!! I think Sweeney was on the A’s last year. Glad the M’s picked him up. They should be much better this year!

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