Another crazy weekend of Football…

So another weekend full of football has come and gone. Since i don’t have a tv at my house that is working due to no converter box, I haven’t been able to watch as much football as I like. However, i have been reading up on many of the games and have seen highlights/listened to radio programs that have given me some insight on some of the happenings.

First, college football. A couple of the big match ups included USC/Cal and Oklahoma/Miami. USC took the game easily vs Cal and proved yet again that Cal is always over-hyped at the start of the season. That’s two weeks in a row that Cal has lost a high profile game. Oklahoma lost to Miami in a tough road game. Oklahoma and Miami are two of my most hated teams, so I didn’t know who to cheer for. I ended up pulling for OU in hopes the Big 12 could get a nice road W, but alas, it didn’t happen. Oregon had another solid win this weekend. Building up toward their showdown with USC. Washington came very close to pulling off the upset at Notre Dame. They had so many chances inside the 10 in the last quarter and couldn’t put the ball in the end zone, which ultimately lost the game for them. Good effort though, Washington is showing they are back to a level of gaining respect nationally. Nebraska had the weekend off and will be playing the Thursday game of the week at Missouri this week. Should be a great game where expectations are very high for both teams. A win here will thrust the winning team into a possible Big 12 north leader role. KU still has something to say about that, but this is the first really tough match up between Big 12 schools. Two ranked teams. A road win for Nebraska would be huge in helping get back to the place where they are expecting to be and that is the top of the Big 12 north. It should e a great showdown and I’m excited for the chance to watch the game.

The NFL was fairly quiet this weekend. No huge upsets or anything. The biggest game of the week was the Monday night match up between the Vikings and the Packers. Favre came out firing and really helped lead his team to victory (his team being the Vikings now in case you’ve been in hibernation somewhere the last 5 months) when AP was having a down game. The Minnesota D really helped the cause as well forcing some key turnovers and getting multiple sacks through out the night.

The Chiefs were pretty bad in a loss to the Giants. The Seahawks were pretty well held in check against the Colts… so it seems like another long season for my 2 teams. We’ll see how it all pans out, but right now my expectations aren’t very high, I’ll just continue watching and supporting even through the tough times.

My biggest surprise is that the Broncos are still 4-0. They held off a late Cowboys drive that gave them the victory. Orton just keeps playing mistake free football in the regular season in leading this team to where they are today. Their D has been playing pretty solid as well, which is needed. Leading into the next 4-0 team, the New Orleans Saints. Their D played great against the Jets this weekend knocking them out of the ranks of the unbeaten. In fact, the Defense scored more than the offense this week for the Saints, which is a rarity when you have such a high powered offense like the Saints. That goes to show you that the Jets D is for real and that they could have competed better/had a chance to win if not for the mistakes of Rookie QB Mark Sanchez. Overall, I think the Saints are looking like the team to beat in the NFC right now, even with the Vikings and the Giants both have undefeated records as well. The Vikings and Giants both have solid D’s. The big surprise is how well the Vikings and Giants WR’s have been playing to help make these offenses a threat as well. Even though it is just after week 4, i will go ahead and make some playoff predictions:

AFC West Champ: Chargers
AFC South Champ: Colts
AFC North Champ: Ravens
AFC East Champ: Patriots
Wildcards: Steelers and Jets

NFC West Champ: 49ers
NFC South Champ: Saints
NFC North Champ: Vikings
NFC East Champ: Giants
Wild Cards: Eagles and Falcons

Early Superbowl Picks: Saints vs Patriots

And that’s all i got for this week’s edition. Feel free to add comments, maybe even your own early playoff predictions.



3 responses to “Another crazy weekend of Football…

  1. You didn’t mention how Peterson and Harvin let down your fantasy team this week. There’s no way your team should only be 1-3. It’s a shame.

  2. Brett Favre played about as well as anyone could expect, but the defense won that game. The Packers depleted o-line is just awful and they got abused all night. 8 sacks, and 9 QB hits, I was actually very impressed with Rodgers all things considered.

  3. Kyle, i agree I think my team is better than the 1-3 record it shows now, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I gotta just keep trying to put the right guys in with the right match ups going forward.

    Zach, I agree, the Vikes D really did a lot in this win. I also agree that Rodgers still played really well considering. I would definitely take Rodgers on my team over Favre.

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