This will be filled with rants…

I’m gonna go ahead and get my ranting out of the way first. On the college football side, I got to attend the worst game i’ve witnessed in my life. I went up to Nebraska to watch the Huskers take on the Iowa St. Cyclones. The Cyclones are typically a losing team that is usually one of the easier wins on opposing teams schedules. Well, you can’t take anything lightly. Nebraska got beat 9-7 at home. Now i’m about to lay out some excuses on why Nebraska should have won, but before i go on, I will go ahead and say they lost and they can’t look back now and talk about what ifs. But i will.

8 turnovers. How in the world do you expect to win when you turn the ball over 8 times? 4 of those 8 turnovers were lost inside the Iowa St. 5 yardline when the Huskers were about to score touchdowns. 2 were RB fumbles. One was a very unfortunate play where the ball got tipped by the tight end, then the cornerback, then the wide reciever and finally another Cyclone defender jumped in and snagged the ball in the endzone for a touchback. The other was a 73 yard pass play that I’m still scratching my head over. The Huskers WR beat his man and was taking it to the house… he gets tripped up about the 10 yardline and almost goes out of bounds (still need to check the replay) but somehow stays in and tries to keep his balance and score. While trying to keep his balance he flings the ball forward and falls on the ground 2 yards before the end zone. No one is around other than a Cyclone defender about 10-15 yards away. The defender jumped on the ball about 5 seconds after the fumble and after the ball had come to a stop in the end zone. Horrible events! Not only that but the first play from scrimmage was a lost fumble that set up the Cyclones first 3 points.

Now after saying all this, I need to add something else. The Huskers still only lost by 2 points. The Defense was dominant again. If they scored each time they get inside the 5 yardline… the final score is 35-9. If you take away the fumble that set up the first 3 points, it’s 35-6, Nebraska. If you take away a fake punt that gave the Cyclones 30 yards and got them into Husker territory for the only time that game, then it’s 35-0 Nebraska (Not only that, but that fake punt put them over 200 yards total offense for the day, the Blackshirts were solid). Only one of the fumbles were forced. None of the INT’s were made byy great plays by the Cyclones D. Zach Lee threw one pass right to the linebacker and another at the end of the game on a 4th down when he tried to force it in. Basically what i’m trying to say is… The Huskers beat themselves. I’ve never seen a team turn the ball over 8 times… and still almost pull out a win. Yes, Iowa St. is getting better, but they were not the better team out on the field. The Huskers offense/turnovers wasted what was a great defensive performance by the Blackshirts.

What’s even more sad is that a Kansas State team that lost to Louisiana Lafayette is now on top of the Big 12 North standings. Kansas lost another game, this time at home to Oklahoma. This one was not pretty and have many wondering who really wants to win the Big 12 north? KU and Nebraska both still play K-State. KU and Nebraska both play each other. Missouri is sitting at the bottom 0-3 in conference, but they still have a lot of Big 12 north foes to play. The season is far from over, but at this point, who wants to be the team that goes and gets destroyed by Texas in the Big 12 championship anyway? Might as well just skip a loss and go straight to a mid-lower end bowl game.

Good news in college football… The Oregon Ducks are playing terrific right now, and just in time for their key match up with USC this coming weekend! This will be the game of the week and if Oregon can win at home against the Trojans, they can control their own destiny for a Rose Bowl berth. If they win out, they will need help, but they will remain on the list for teams to play in the National Championship game. A win against a top 10 BCS team will jump them up to become the highest ranked 1 loss team which is a great place to be at this point in the season. Knowing how crazy everything gets, a top 5 team that gets a loss will most likely fall behind Oregon at this point. That’s the advantage about losing a game very early in the season, if you win out you have a better chance than a team that loses late. The only difficult thing right now is the team that beat Oregon is still sitting just above them in the polls and undefeated. Oregon can hope for one of two things. One, that Boise St. loses a game. This would hurt Oregon a little in the BCS point average however. But It will drop the team that beat them. Two, Boise St. goes undefeated but since they are not in a BCS conference, they don’t have the best strength of schedule and Oregon (despite losing to them) could pass them with more strength of schedule points. Bizzare, I know, but that’s how it works sometimes. Let’s just hope the Ducks get by USC in Eugene this weekend!

Now on to the NFL… since i wrote a lot about college I won’t do much on the NFL. I’ll just do a few highlights that come to my head from the weekend:

1) Cincy is still surprising me. A HUGE win over the Bears this weekend. Cincy is looking strong. And the Bears are looking a little weak.
2) The Chiefs were looking as bad as ever. Chargers with a big win keeping their distant playoff hopes alive.
3) The Saints made a terrific comeback to stay undefeated.
4) The Patriots dominated a winless Bucs team… The Pats are still a team to look out for.
5) The Colts remain undefeated beating the lowly Rams. Of course we all expected that.
6) The Vikings luck ended after losing to the Steelers. The Pittsburgh D played great and forced 2 critical turnovers in leading the team.
7) The Cowboys came up with a big win over the Falcons in a game I could see possibly deciding a wildcard spot later on.
8) The Cardinals had a  HUGE win on the road over the New York football Giants. AZ wants to show people they are for real and people will start believing sooner rather than later with wins like that.
9) The Seahawks were on a bye and I hope they could rest up and heal some of their injured players a little bit.

Hopefully my teams can get some things rolling the second half of the season!


2 responses to “This will be filled with rants…

  1. Great recap! I agree with Kyle – go ducks – we have tickets to the Arizona – Oregon game – which could be huge for a lot of things if both win out til November 21!

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