Football and Music…

This blog will be about the best of both worlds… Sports and Music! I’ll start out with football…

This was yet another great weekend of football. Starting out with college, Nebraska got back on the winning track against Baylor. That shouldn’t be a susprise, but after Iowa St. at home, ya never know. The defense proves to me week in and week out that Nebraska can hang with anyone and beat anyone… they just need support from their offense. Easier said than done… just keep winning and it will make all of us Husker fans happy. What a win for Oregon! They dominated the second half and ended up blowing out USC. They didn’t move into the top 5, which is ok since Boise St. is still ahead of them and i figured that would be the case. Alabama or Florida will lose at least once… Cincy, Boise St, and TCU all need to lose. All Oregon can do is keep winning and it looks like they are pretty focused… although i’m not sure how I feel about the team trying to get that thug RB back into their line up… you’re doing fine without him!

Now for the NFL… great MNF match up between the Falcons and Saints. The Saints came away with the victory and remain undefeated. The Colts squeezed by the 49ers 18-14 to stay undefeated as well. The same can not be said of the Broncos. They got whipped by the Ravens. The Seahawk’s struggles continued against the Cowboys… and the Chiefs had a bye week so I wouldn’t have to sit through watching both of my teams lose, so that’s a positive. The Cardinals had a big let down after winning big back to back road games. They lost at home to the Panthers who have not been playing well this season. The Cardinals could have really seperated themselves and proven they are a top contender in the NFC, but they, once again, looked mediocre. I’ll mention this just because I feel like i should… the Rams finally won a game, although it was against the Lions, so don’t get too excited Rams fans. Enjoy the win though. The other headline I feel is worthy of noting would be that Vince Young made the start for the Titans and they won the game… not that it was his doing, but I’m sure that will boost his confidence that was once shot… no pun intended.

Now time for a little music update in the blog…

There’s some great music coming out this month. Starting this week with The Almost and Lymbyc Systym. And i’m sure there are others, but those are the two that I have been looking into. The Almost is streaming their entire album online ( and you can download one new song from L.S. at so check that out. For some reason i missed the memo on the new Switchfoot album that comes out next week. BUT now that i know, I am getting excited about it. Their entire new album is streaming here: and it’s sounding really good. Dashboard Confessional is also releasing a new album next week and you can stream the entire album here: … there’s also a new Jack’s Mannequin EP available on itunes… I believe it goes along with the Dear Jack dvd that is a documentary about Andrew McMahon (Singer of J.M) and his battle with Cancer…. Say Anything and Weezer also both have albums coming out today…. LOTS of new music to listen to!

Well, that’s about all for this blog. I may start doing a separate blog for music. Post a football one on Tuesdays and maybe a music one later on the week… what do you think?


2 responses to “Football and Music…

  1. Dude, I already picked up the new Say Anything. Such solid jams. Max Bemis has managed to compose his best tunes since the first half of “Is A Real Boy”. Seriously. Late entry for my Best of 2009 list. If you don’t want to buy the whole album, get “Do Better” and “Mara and Me” off of Itunes and see how it sits with you.

  2. The Dear Jack DVD is amazing. I highly recommend picking that up. It is sad, but there is a lot of hope and jokes too.

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