Another interesting weekend…

Well, it happened again. Another interesting weekend in the football world, both college and pro. Let’s start out with college and “my” teams. How about those Blackshirts? The Nebraska D is for real and they are back… hopefully for good. They shut down a very good Oklahoma offense (yes, without Sam Bradford, but still) in a gutsy 10-3 win Saturday night in Lincoln, NE. I’ve said this all year, but with the defense that Nebraska has, they can play with anyone. The question will always be if the offense can limit the turnovers and at least be able to put up some points. In this case, the D pretty well won the game. If Nebraska wants to win any of their last 3 games, they will need some scoring from the offense, especially against KU who is known to have a pretty good O, despite struggling the last couple of weeks. I’m excited to see how this game will turn out Saturday in Lawrence, Nebraska vs KU on the 2:30 ABC game of the week! Another great part of the Husker win over Oklahoma is Nebraska became bowl eligible and prevented OU from becoming bowl eligible. Way to go Huskers!

In other news Oregon decided to hit the snooze button after a very nice win against USC and lose to Stanford. This takes them out of any chance they had at the national title picture. They are still the front runners to play in the Rose Bowl but they must beat Arizona on the road for that to happen. Huge game there… and my parents will be in attendence! Wish i could join them. Back to the Big 12 now… Missouri lost again… losing at home to Baylor. Mizzou and KU are both now 1-4 in conference. K-State with their win over KU this past weekend leaves them alone atop the Big 12 north. I think Mizzou can and should beat K-State, but the Wildcats have been proving people wrong so far in conference play and Mizzou has been under-achieving. This will be a big game. I think Mizzou is out of the running for Big 12 north title, but they could help knock K-state off the top. If Nebraska beats KU, it will set up a very nice Nebraska/K-State match up which will most likely decide the Big 12 north…. that game will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2.

On to the NFL… thank you Kansas City Chiefs for releasing Larry Johnson! I think all of the Chiefs fans are pleased with this move. No one wanted him to break the record for Chiefs #1 all time rusher. The Chiefs aren’t going to the playoffs this year, so might as well start the rebuilding now with our younger RB’s. The Chiefs lost, but that was at least one bright spot for this Chiefs this weekend. Sad when the bright spot is letting a player go. The Seahawks won! Of course, they were playing the Lions. But a win is a win and maybe they can make a run for the Cardinals now… that will be their next match up I believe. It might be too little, too late, but there is always hope. Speaking of the Cardinals, they played a very nice game against the Bears sunday. Kurt Warner had 5 TD passes… 2 to Larry Fitz. They can always be a dangerous team with that offense.

Indy and New Orleans stayed undefeated this weekend. Indy had a very close call with the Texans who just missed a last second FG that would have sent the game to OT. It was the Colt’s toughest game yet. The Saints also had another tough game, this time it was against the Carolina Panthers. The game was tied into the 4th quarter and a big Saints drive gave them the lead and a defensive score sealed the deal late in the game. Cincy had another impressive victory over the Ravens. That’s 2 for 2. If Cincy can beat Pittsburgh next weekend, that pretty well clinches them the AFC North. Speaking of Pitt, they played a great game on the road in Denver last night on MNF to get the victory. So that match up with Cincy should hold “Game of the Week” status. There were several other good games this weekend including close wins for San Diego over the NY Giants, the Cowboys over the Eagles, and the Vince Young led Tennesee Titans over the SF 49ers. How about that Vince Young? Can he pull another 10 game win streak and lead them into the playoffs? Doubtful, but we’ll see. And we can’t forget about the upset of the week… Tampa Bay over Green Bay in the battle of the Bays… 38-28! It was TB’s first win of the season and now i’m not even sure if i can predict the Packers to make a wildcard spot anymore. It will be interesting to see who really wants to get into the playoffs second half of the season because right now it doesn’t look like anyone is wanting to take control.

Looking forward to another great weekend of football coming up. Don’t forget to look back at the last blog and check out some of that new music that is coming out today or that is already out. Have a good one.



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