What a great weekend for me personally! Nebraska beats KU and sets up the Big 12 north title showdown between themselves and K-State this Saturday in Lincoln, NE. Should be a great game but I am predicting Nebraska to pull out  the win at home. 24-13. I predicted a 10 point win last weekend and Nebraska took it by two TD’s. Hopefully they can do the same this weekend. Also, the Chiefs won! That’s 2 wins on the season and i’m not expecting much more, but it’s something. They should have beaten the Raiders both times. They have a game against Cleveland that I think they should win. If they can get 4-5 wins that would be a success in my book. AND my fantasy teams went 6-0 this weekend! Bonus for me. I know a couple of guys that I played this weekend might read this blog… maybe we’ll meet again in the playoffs fellas. Thanks to my friend Zach Magnuson who did this a couple of weeks ago, i added up the totals from all of the fantasy teams i have to see how i’m doing overall. My overall record is 36-24. I rank in the top 3 in scoring in all of my leagues. Unfortunately i’ve had some bad luck and i’ve got a low ranking in a couple of those leagues. 6th of 8 and 8th of 10. I am in first in two leagues, second in one, and third in another. So overall, not too bad of a fantasy year for me in a year in which i think I joined too many leagues. Ah well, it’s just for fun and it’s a good time.

So this weekend was another great one for the NFL. A couple of great match ups that came down to the wire. In a battle for the NFC north lead, the Bengals just got by a tough Steelers team to win 18-12 with 4 FG’s! I was pretty happy about that one. I’ve been secretly rooting for the Bengals and Chad Ocho-Cinco all year. And now… rumors are turning into facts and Larry Johnson has signed with the Bengals. I’m sure he won’t play very much if at all. However, I do see that the Chiefs are playing the Bengals in Week 16 and i’m almost positive they will get Larry into action for that game. I could see him getting a lot of carries and him just dominating on the downs he gets to play against his former team. It will be interesting to see him on a team that’s actually competing for the playoffs and a super bowl. I’m also interested to see what Ocho has to say on his twitter about the pick up.

Another great game that came down to the wire was the Patriots vs the Colts. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, but the Patriots were ahead by 6 with about 2 min. to go in the game. They had a 4th and 2 pretty deep in their own territory. Belichek decided to go for it instead of punting and making the Colts have to drive 70-80 yards rather than 30. Well, they didn’t get it and it backfired and the Colts scored with under 30 seconds to play. Colts win 35-34 to stay undefeated and drop the Pats to 6-3. Ouch. The other unbeaten, the New Orlean Saints pulled out a close one over the lowly St. Louis Rams. Not really sure what to think of that game because I didn’t really see any of it. But it seems like the Saints just know how to win games. They can win close games, they can win blow outs, they can come from behind and win late. They are a dangerous team. And although the Rams played them close, I don’t think that disproves anything the Saints have done to this point. Another surprising win was the Redskins over the Broncos 27-17. I mean, the Chiefs beat the Redskins on the road. Does this mean the Chiefs have a chance at beating the Broncos? Maybe even sweeping them? We shall see… i doubt it, but that would be nice.

I don’t have much on college football this week other than USC lost and that made me happy. Nebraska won. Oregon won. And that’s all that matters to me. Big weekend coming up with Nebraska vs K-State and Oregon @ Arizona. Those games will decide some big things like the Big 12 north champ in the first game and possibly the Pac-10 title and a berth for the Rose Bowl in the second game. Should be a fun weekend.

ALSO, my alma-mater MidAmerica Nazarene University will be hosting a playoff game THIS saturday at 1 pm. They are playing McPherson College out of McPherson, KS and it should be a great game. After an early exit from last year’s playoffs, I think this year’s MNU squad will step up and make plays and get to the second round. It will be fun to watch and I will give an update next week with what happened in the game.

Have a great week everyone.


5 responses to “GOOD NEWS!!!

  1. You have six fantasy leagues???? Couldn’t you have been nice and let me win one this week? 😉 My three teams went 0-3. 😦 But wow, 6-0 is amazing. The most football teams I’ve had at once is 4…but I did have 7 baseball teams one year. That was definitely a mistake. Go Ducks!!

  2. Dude, what’s up with the timestamps on your blog? It’s six hours ahead…which would be over in Ireland or something. Did you hop across the pond without telling us?

  3. Kyle, yeah, i was just going to do my 3 leagues i’ve been doing for a while… then i got asked by friends to join the other 3 and i just didn’t want to turn it down! haha. It is probably too many but i don’t really pay attention to my ESPN leagues that much. Just go in and move the rosters around when i need to. And i don’t know what’s up with the time thing. I can probably change that somehow… i’m still in KS! haha!

  4. Just a little typo… You meant AFC North, the “battle” for the NFC North won’t be nearly as interesting, sadly.

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