What a weekend!!!

4 for 4 on the weekend for my football teams! Let’s start college and go from there…

MidAmerica, my alma-mater, won their home playoff game 40-24 in a gutsy come from behind 4th quarter victory. Led by former Colorado Buffalo Jake Duren on the defense with 11 tackles, 3 TFL, a forced fumble, and an INT. The offense was led by WR Jared Elmore who had only 3 catches but gained 125 yards and had 3 touchdowns in those 3 catches. Great performances. Now the team will travel to Helena, Montana to face Carol College, one of the elite NAIA football teams of this decade. It could be one of the toughest games in Pioneer history, but that makes it one of the biggest games in school history as well. A win here would take the Pioneers to the semi-finals. I will keep you updated next week.

Nebraska pulled out a 17-3 win over K-State to clinch the Big 12 north title. Although the north is down, I am glad to see the Husker re-gain the crown. At the beginning of the season I said my hopes was for the team to win the Big 12 north and try and at least compete with the Big12 South winner in the Big 12 Championship game. Well, that is going to happen. First things first, the team plays Colorado the day after Thanksgiving on ABC… so be sure to watch that if you can. This game will be tough as it is AT Colorado and anytime you play a rivalry game anything can happen. So the Huskers can’t take this game lightly. But back to the Big12 championship… I think the Huskers, with the defensive output they having been showing, have a chance to beat Texas. Nebraska allowed one touchdown in their last 3 home games. That one touchdown was fluke after a fake punt. That is pretty impressive. They have what it takes to win, but can the offense put together a good enough game plan (without turnovers) to help balance out the team enough to get the win? That will be seen in a few weeks… i think they are peaking at the right time though. An upset win puts them in a BCS bowl (Fiesta Bowl) and there is plenty of motivation there… Texas will also have motivation to try and get into the national championship game. In 1999, the first Big 12 championship game was played. It was Nebraska vs Texas with Nebraska’s national title hopes on the line and Texas with nothing to lose… Texas won the game by 10 points. I hope Nebraska play the role of spoiler this year!

How about that Oregon/Arizona game? My parents got to be in attendence and man, they got to see a game! Oregon won it in double OT 44-41. Arizona missed some opportunities to put this game away, but Oregon made some plays late and that turned the game into a W. Now Oregon hold their own fate with a home game against their arch rival Oregon St left on the schedule. Winner of this game wins the Pac 10 title and will go on to face Ohio St. in the Rose Bowl. Can’t wait to watch this one… I believe it’s a Thursday night ESPN game the week after Thanksgiving. Should be a great one!

And how about them Chiefs?!?! What a sweet victory over the Steelers… the defending champs. They are obviously down this year, but this win was huge for the Chiefs. The defense stepped up and made some big plays and it seems like the team is starting to click. That is good news for the future, which is what everyone seemed to think we were building towards starting last year. We already have more wins than last year’s team. I really wish we could have that home game against Oakland back… that would put us at 4-6. Better yet, if we can win the overtime game at home vs Dallas… 5-5! At this point though, it’s 3-7. Better than last year, but still not good. However, if the Chiefs can somehow pull off the upset at San Diego this weekend they will be 4-7 with 3 home games coming up vs Denver, Buffalo, and Cleveland. Those are 3 winnable home games. If they beat the Chargers I could see them being 7-7 going into week 16 and that would be incredible. Only time will tell and we shall see.

The rest of the league got pretty crazy this week as well. The typical teams kept on winning (Vikings big over my Seahawks, Saints stay undefeated in a big win over the Bucs, and the Colts just keep rolling with a close victory over the Ravens) but there were some surprises as well. Oakland pulled off a major upset over the AFC north leaders the Cincinnati Bengals. The Texans seem to be jynxed missing another last second FG and the Titans are on a roll with Vince Young as their QB. The Lions and Browns Defenses showed that they can make ANY quarterback in the league look good. Whenever Brady Quinn and Matthew Stafford combine for 9 passing TD’s in one game, you know something is wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brady Quinn didn’t throw 4 more touchdown passes for the rest of the season. Philly pulled out a must win over the Bears. Arizona continued their road winning streak against the Rams. It is shaping up to be a great home stretch for the football season.

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we will have some good football to watch and I hope you all get to enjoy that with your friends and family while eating some good food. Be thankful for that!


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