Another weekend has come and gone…

Hello there blog world,

Another weekend has come and gone and there were more wins and losses just as usual. More upsets in the college football scene this week with many top 25 teams losing in their rivalry game while others just snuck by with a victory. Nebraska pulled out a nice win at Colorado to wrap up the regular season. Next up: Texas. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this game… many don’t give Nebraska a shot but i’ve heard a few saying that Texas should watch out because they haven’t faced a D like Nebraska’s yet. The toughest D they faced was Oklahoma and the barely won that game 16-13. So I think it should be interesting. Texas is going for a place in the national title game and Nebraska is going for the Big 12 championship and berth to a BCS bowl game. I can’t wait to watch and see what happens. Huge game this week with Oregon vs Oregon St. for the Pac 10 title and Rose Bowl berth on the line. Since the Ducks have the home game i say advantage goes to them and i think they will pull out a ten point win over the Beavers. Unfortunately for MNU, they lost their 2nd round match up to national power house Carroll College up in Helena, Montana Saturday. They were within a FG at the half but ended up losing 34-13 as Carroll dominated the second half. Hopefully the Pioneers can use this as a stepping stone to becoming one of the next great teams in the NAIA and can start becoming a playoff and national contender year in and year out.

On to the NFL… Well, the Chiefs are back to being the Chiefs again. I didn’t expect the Chiefs to really turn things around but i was hoping for them to be competitive. Hopefully they can get back to being competitive in their next 3 match ups that I think they have a chance at winning. The Seahawks had a nice win in St. Louis against the Rams…. so it was the Rams but a win is a win. I hope the Hawks stick with Just Forsett as their main RB from here out… he’s the better back and i think can be good for this team in the future. Let him show us what he can do the rest of the way! In other NFL news… The Saints won the big game against the Patriots proving they belong with the elite teams this season. Saints vs Patriots was my early Superbowl pick… but the way the Pats are playing it is hard to keep them in Superbowl team talk. Everyone is going to the Colts now of course… but i don’t like the Colts and I think they will choke. The Chargers, who are used to choking, could be a contender. We think that every year, but this year I think they might be able to make a run at the Superbowl… we shall see.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed some football along the way!


2 responses to “Another weekend has come and gone…

  1. I was thinking that the Vikings could give the Saints a good game and a tough time if they meet in the playoffs. I still think that, but after I saw what the Saints did to the Patriots, it would be a tough game. Go Vikings!!

    I am also encouraged by the Chiefs and the progress, the little by little, that they are making. Jamal Charles is a breath of fresh air. To actually have some what of a run threat is nice. I also want to say that I am not giving up on Matt Cassel yet. I am willing to give him some more time, he just needs a quarterback coach that is not doing two other jobs as well and can focus all his attention on making Matt better. I see the Chiefs ending the season at 5-11 or 6-10.

  2. Chris, the Vikings have definitely been looking good all season. I think it will be a fight between them and the Saints for the NFC crown… don’t really see another team out there right now that will step up and beat them. The AFC seems to be more open game. I think the Chiefs could finish 6-10 which would be 4 games better than last year… then maybe an 8-8 or winning season next year? We’ll see… like you said, they need to resolve some issues but i think they are headed in the right direction.

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