Turner Gill to KU, NFL Rolls on, and MLB news?

Well, well well,

Sorry to be posting my blog late, but i’ve had a busy last couple of days. Good news though, lots of news so this should be a tasty blog. Let’s start out with KU hiring Turner Gill. I think it is a great hire for them. He’s totally the opposite of Mark Mangino in all of the good ways. What i mean by that is, all of the things Mangino was doing wrong, Turner Gill does right. The things Mangino did right, Gill will do better. Mangino had some good recruiting tools, but Turner Gill will bring a whole new feel to the program. He’s a more positive leader, he’s been a part of many winning teams in the past, he knows how to recruit (and given this chance at a major school will help him get even better in this part of his coaching). He also brought in 2 big time coordinators, as both offensive and defensive coordinators, who are proven at the highest level of the college world. He’s setting KU up to be a real player in the next decade. Now, i hate to say this since I am a Nebraska fan, but KU will be more than just a basketball school now. Mangino kind of brought KU to life as a football school but one good season didn’t really do it for the fans. Gill will bring it every year and knows how to get to that level of what it takes to win year in year out. Just look at the Nebraska teams he played and coached on. Went to several national title games and won 3 of them. And Turner Gill will do it the right way. I could see Nebraska and KU becoming the new Texas and Oklahoma in the next 10 years. Of course, Texas and Oklahoma will be competitive most years, but I could see Nebraska and Kansas making the north the better side of the conference in the next 10 years. Throw in Missouri who’s been average to good the past few years and a Bill Snyder led K-State team, as well as an Iowa St. team that has shown some life, and it’s looking promising for the Big 12 north.  Time will tell, but that is my gut feeling at this point.

On to the NFL, I got to go to the Chiefs game last weekend and what a disappointment! Todd Haley lost the game for the Chiefs again. I think if Haley had kept the offensive coordinator they had from the beginning and just done his head coaching thing, the Chiefs would probably have 5-6 wins right now rather than 3. Are the chiefs moving in the right direction? They have more wins, but it’s been tough to watch. I think, especially with a win over the Browns this weekend, that they are moving the right way. They just need to get some more pieces for the puzzle and Haley needs to start being a better head coach. The Colts and the Saints remain undefeated after they picked up wins over the Broncos and Falcons. The Broncos maintain the wild card lead despite the loss but the Falcons are pretty much out of the playoff hunt now. The Browns had a major win over the Steelers, pretty much knocking Pittsburgh out of playoff contention. That combined with big wins from the Jets, Dolphins, and Ravens made the race for the AFC wild card spot even tighter with those 3 teams (plus Jacksonville) with a 7-6 record. Big time games coming up to see who can separate themselves before January.

The NFC is still open for wild card spots too. The Packers kept a nice winning streak going by beating the bears and stay ahead in the wild card race with a 9-4 record. The Eagles big win over the Giants, coupled with another Cowboys loss, gave them the lead in the NFC East. The Boys are still claim a wild card spot right now but need to win a game in December to maintain! The 49ers had  a big win over the Cardinals but are still on the outside looking in with a 6-7 record, same as the Falcons. They almost need to win out to have a chance. Because the Giants hold a tie-breaker over the Cowboys and are just one game back of them right now, I think the Giants and Packers will be the two wild card teams in the NFC, but we shall see. The Vikings bounced back with a nice win over a very good AFC opponent in the Bengals. It looks like the Vikes will get a first round by unless the fold the last couple of games. Should be a very interesting last 3 weeks of the season!

And finally, some MLB news in December? That’s right. Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners is what I am talking about. I don’t care where Roy Halliday ended up. I don’t care where the prospects go. I just know Cliff Lee to the Mariners is a BIG WIN for the M’s! I think they are pushing really hard to win the West this year with Griffey Jr. coming back for one more season to try and get  a ring. They have some great players coming back and have added Chone Figgens and now Lee. The 1-2 punch of Lee and Felix Hernandez will be just as good if not better than a Chris Carpenter/Adam Wainwright or Tim Lincecum/Matt Cain combo. That along with the fact that the Angels lost some key parts and I think the Mariners have what they need to win the division. I think they might even be the favorites going into the spring.

Well, that’s about all the news for now. After football is over I might start doing some college basketball blogging. Maybe get back into some music blogging too. I might not get to blog up next week as I will be traveling to Arizona for Christmas to visit my parents, so i’ll say this now just in case. Enjoy your Christmas season!

:edit: just found this little website… a look at the 2010 pre-season top 25 for college football? Yup! Just a fun little site that makes some guesses on what might happen. I guess they’ve been pretty accurate the last few years.



2 responses to “Turner Gill to KU, NFL Rolls on, and MLB news?

  1. Hey man like the post. In reply to Todd Haley’s coaching against the Bills I thought it was actually one of his better planned games. I loved the decision to go for it early on 4th and 1 from the 1(would have liked the ball in Charles hands though). Also i feel the receivers and our defenses inability to stop the major yardage plays are what lost that game. You are right that Haley has made some questionable calls this year (my least favorite was to go for it on fourth down at beginning of 3rd qtr trailing Denver 14-6) but i feel with the lack of talent he inherited from Herm and Carl he has done ok.
    I enjoy your posts man, in a couple weeks lets talk NFL Draft.

  2. Danny, you’re right, i think he has done ok with the parts he was given. He came into a very unstable situation and needs time to get things pulled together. I felt like the first 4th down he should have kicked the FG since it was still 0-0 at that point. But that’s really a coin flip on what to do. And you’re right, the play call on that probably wasn’t the best when Charles was doing so well. Thanks for reading!

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