Well we have our superbowl matchup: SAINTS vs COLTS … I have been predicting the Saints to be in this game since September… just take a look back at my September blog when i first started my weekly football blog. I also flip flopped on if the Patriots or Colts would be playing the Saints in the superbowl since September, but as the season went along it seemed like the Colts had the upper hand. I’m not going to claim to be the best predictor in the world (if you look at my playoff picks in recent weeks you can see i’m not the best at weekly picks) but in the end, two teams I thought from the beginning of the season would be in the superbowl made the superbowl.

It was a tough game for the Saints, it took them overtime (and if you talk to Vikings fans help from the refs) to win. The Vikings showed that they were indeed one of the best teams in the NFC this year, and I might even say the second best team in the NFL if the Saints beat the Colts in Miami. Good season for the Vikes, but the Saints proved to be a little bit better. I’m a big Drew Brees fan (sometimes fantasy football gets you to like players you didn’t think you’d like) and I hope he and the Saints can pull out the win. The Colts are a very good team and have proved they are one of the best year in and year out. Even with only one superbowl with Manning, they are a consistent playoff contender. This is all new to the Saints… which could play into the Colts advantage. But I think the Saints D will cause just enough ruckus to keep Manning and crew on their heels and pull out a win. I think Brees and company will score enough points to pull out the victory and earn the Saints their first superbowl victory! I’m going with my pre-season dark horse…

My Superbowl Pick: SAINTS

I’ve enjoyed writing this football blog and will probably conclude it in a couple of weeks after the superbowl is all said and done. I think i will take a hiatus from football blog and focus more on writing some music reviews and such for a little while. Although i will probably start doing a little bit of college basketball blogging when March Madness comes around. I will definitely do some more football blogging next August as football season rolls around… so stick with me if you’ve enjoyed this. Thanks a lot and feel free to leave some comments!



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