The Big (12) Shake Up

The Big 12 to the Big 10… The Big 10 to the Big 12… The Pac-10 to Pac-11… it all got really confusing, but things are starting to settle down. The names of the conferences are irrelevant at this point, but will be sure to change with time. The league formerly known as the Big 12 is down to 10 teams, The Big 10 is up to 12 teams, and the Pac-10 is up to 11. The big 12 south flirted with the Pac-10, A&M flirted with the SEC, Mizzou flirted with the Big 10. In the end, this is  what we know for sure:

*Colorado will join the Pac-10 starting the 2012 school year
*Nebraska will join the Big 10 starting the 2011 school year
*The rest of the former Big 12 schools will stick together

Texas is now seen as the “Savior” of the conference, even though they were the school to get the Big 12 into this mess. The Denver Post made an article that stated Texas has been “in talks for months” trying to work a deal with gaining their own network and also discussing partnership with the Pac-10.  I don’t know if all of the details will ever leak out about this whole ordeal over the last few weeks, but it does seem a bit shady. I am happy that the conference didn’t collapse, and I am happy teams like KU, K-State, and Mizzou have a home… for now. They are happy the conference didn’t collapse for obvious reasons. But I still feel sorry for these teams. They will be backseat to whatever Texas does from now until the next time something like this happens again. These teams will still be treated unfairly. Yes, they have a home, but it is now a broken home. It is a home where the family can live together, but won’t trust each other. It’s all about the Benjamins and Texas will benefit most from staying in the Big 12. They now have the next couple of years to set themselves up for their own tv network. Will they remain faithful 3-4 years from now? If they get their own network, will they remain part of this conference or go independent? Only time will tell, but when Texas leaves, the rest of the conference will be right back to where they were this past week… lost and confused.

Colorado accepted the Pac-10 invite first. Maybe they wanted to insure themselves a spot in this conference before it was too late. Maybe if Texas and the other southern schools had gone first  Colorado wouldn’t have been invited. We’ll probably never know the whole story, but there will always be speculation. I am indifferent towards Colorado. I don’t think the Big is losing or gaining from losing the Buffs. Other than gaining the viewing population in Denver, I don’t think the Pac-10 has gained much either, as they are still stuck with 11 teams. The Coloardo move is the most confusing so far. Best of luck to them, but they will still get dominated in football and basketball at least the first few years they are in the league.

Nebraska jumped to the Big 10 the day after Colorado left. Many people saw this move as the final straw in the Big 12 and thought the conference would die. Looking back, former Nebraska coach and current AD Dr. Tom Osborne said it best during the post-regents meeting conference: “One school leaving doesn’t break up a conference, two schools leaving doesn’t break up a conference, but six teams leaving does break up a conference.” Nebraska didn’t trust where the Big 12 was headed, and rightfully so. They made a move that seemed to be the best for the school. They will be able to jump in and compete right away (in football) and the academics will continue to grow and gain more from this move than if they were to stay in the Big 12. At first, I was disappointed to see Nebraska jumping ship. Looking back at it now,  I don’t blame the Huskers for leaving at all and I think they will do just fine in the Big 10. The Big 12 is losing a football power, but it seems as though Big 12 basketball will actually be STRONGER now that Nebraska and Colorado are gone (why isn’t anyone talking about basketball during all of this?!).

Like I said before, I am glad the (formerly known as) Big 12 isn’t breaking up. How long will the conference stick around? That is still up in the air. And we all know who holds the future in the palms of their greedy little hands. Just remember that Texas did not keep the conference together for the sake of the conference. They did this to set themselves up for future success, not with the other schools in mind. They will still be getting more money than the other schools and they will continue to mastermind and control everything that is Big 12. To Kansas, Kansas State, and Mizzou, I wish you the best of luck, but don’t be surprised if things get ugly again a couple of years down the road. Texas doesn’t care about the Big 12, they only care about Texas.


One response to “The Big (12) Shake Up

  1. Just after i wrote this there was new information that came out including this little tidbit…

    “Some of the league’s smaller schools are giving up cash for the promise of keeping the league together and more money later.

    Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Iowa State and Missouri—who were in danger of being left homeless if the conference dissolved—agreed to give up their share in buyout penalties to be paid by Nebraska and Colorado for leaving the league, Beebe said.”

    The bullying has already begun… More money, more problems!

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