Football? Yes please!

It is now August and that means we can start our “official” football discussions. NFL training camps have begun and college football is starting practices in the next week or so with many of the conference meetings wrapping up. I don’t know why I am more excited for football this year than any other. Maybe it’s  because i just bought my first flat screen HDTV and it will look so good in my own living room now. Maybe it’s because my baseball teams are two of the worst in the game (Mariners and Royals). Maybe it’s because I am optimistic for my football teams. It can’t get much lower for my NFL teams (Seahawks and Chiefs). Nebraska is building off a near won Big 12 championship season and a solid bowl victory of Arizona and are set to be a pre-season top 10 team. Things are looking up for this fall… and that is why I am excited for this season.

I already gave you my pre-pre season thoughts on college football. I will keep most of my pre-season top 10 close to the same, but I think I will drop Oregon with some of the off season problems they had and move Oklahoma up the ladder. I also think Ohio St. and Boise St. should switch spots. With this being the last season of the Big 12 as we’ve known it and the Big 10 as we’ve known it… this will be a fun one to watch. Here are my predictions for conference’s and where they will finish.

Big 12 North Champ: Nebraska
Big 12 South Champ: Oklahoma
Big 12 Champion: Nebraska

I would love to see Nebraska go out against Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game… even better if both are undefeated with a shot at the national title on the line. Not only would Big 12 country go crazy over that match up, but the whole nation would build up a major buzz over a match up like that. Only time will tell, and I have a bit of a homer pick here, but I think Nebraska can pull it off.

I think the Big 10 will be a solid league this year, but I think Ohio St. will end up on top and possibly playing for the national championship depending on how all the other teams shake out with the wins/losses in the other conferences. I think Iowa will be close behind and Wisconsin and Penn. St will be solid again as well.

I still think Oregon will compete and win the Pac-10… i just don’t think they will be a national title contender like I once pictured. USC is up in the air, Washington plays a tough schedule, Oregon St. could make a run and UCLA and Stanford still have much to prove. Arizona is building off a pretty good season, but they still need to get over that hump as well before I can pick them.

The SEC is back and will be solid again as well. I have to give Alabama the slight edge here coming off their national title run. Florida will give fits and Auburn and LSU will always play to the end and can make a run for the title. As always, it will be fun to watch this league week in and week out.

The Big East is still irrelevant to me, however Virginia Tech and Miami will probably make more noise than I want to hear from that conference. A big game toward the start of the season is Boise St. vs Virginia Tech… the winning team from that game cements themselves as a top 10 team and a BCS bowl contender.

That, in short, is my college preview. I could go on much more, but I will leave it at that. In the next couple of weeks I will be looking at the NFL and be making some projections after some more of the training camps have wrapped up. I will also go through the Chiefs and Seahawks schedules and make some updated projections (yes, i had an early Chiefs 11-5 pick) so be on the look out for that. Until next time…


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