And your first top 25 for college football…

A lot of the same name’s that I had predicted to be in the top 10 will in fact be in the top 10… and as I predicted in my latest blog, Oregon just missed the top 10 due to the off season happenings around Eugene. Here’s how the first top 10 is shaping out:

Ohio St.
Boise St.
Virginia Tech

It’s kind of interesting to see Nebraska between their old rival (Oklahoma) and possible new rival (Iowa). Only more motivation to go out and win games. Nebraska doesn’t play Oklahoma this year unless they meet in the Big 12 championship game, so they could potentially both be undefeated when and if they meet at the end of the season. Nebraska plays #4 Texas on October 16th in what is sure to be one of the best regular season games of the year. The game will be played in Nebraska.

Nos. 11-15 are Oregon, Wisconsin, Miami, Penn State and Pittsburgh. And after them came LSU, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Arkansas and Florida State. 21-25 include Georgia, Oregon State,  Auburn and Utah and West Virginia are tied at 24.

So this is how the college football landscape will start. Another exciting season ahead with many great football Saturdays in the near future. Hope you all are as excited as I am for this upcoming season.


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