The Chiefs are 3-0

I’m going to take you back to April 21st, right after this year’s NFL draft. I saw some of the talent that the Chiefs got and was pretty happy with the draft. However, I didn’t think the rookies would have as much of an impact as they have had early on. Here was my first pre-season prediction for the Chiefs:

1 Mon, Sep 13 San Diego W
2 Sun, Sep 19 Cleveland W
3 Sun, Sep 26 San Francisco W
5 Sun, Oct 10 Indianapolis L
6 Sun, Oct 17 Houston L
7 Sun, Oct 24 Jacksonville W
8 Sun, Oct 31 Buffalo W
9 Sun, Nov 7 Oakland W
10 Sun, Nov 14 Denver L
11 Sun, Nov 21 Arizona W
12 Sun, Nov 28 Seattle L
13 Sun, Dec 5 Denver W
14 Sun, Dec 12 San Diego L
15 Sun, Dec 19 St. Louis W
16 Sun, Dec 26 Tennessee W
17 Sun, Jan 2 Oakland          W

I had the Chiefs going 3-0 before the bye… and I thought if they could get to 3-0 by the bye, they could be a playoff contender. So far so good. The Chiefs D is looking very good. That is the main difference between this year’s team and last years. They have a defense that can contain guys like Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Having rookies that can make some amazing plays (Dexter McCluster, Tony Moeki to name a couple) will help add to the mix. The Chiefs have a couple of tough road games after the bye week… I have them slated to lose games @ Indy and @Houston… but with the way this team played today, you can’t count them out. I still think they will lose those games, but I think they will be a lot closer than what I originally thought. Can the Chiefs go 11-5? Who knows… But they started out the season the way they needed to with a 3-0 record. They do have a favorable schedule after the 2 road games after the bye. If they can continue to play defense at the level they are playing, I would say they have a good chance to make a run at the AFC west crown. If they win the west and get a home playoff game, look out. Again, not saying the Chiefs will win the west. Not saying they will get a home playoff game. BUT, if they do, and their D continues to play at a high level, this has the making to be a good team come late in the season.


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