Aaron Hale’s “Ghostly” EP

Hopeful and Honest. Those are two words that sum up the latest release, “Ghostly” from Aaron Hale. The 3 song EP will be released on October 12, 2010 for your listening pleasure, but I got a chance to get a sneak peak at the songs.

Starting out with the title track, “Ghostly” kicks the album off with the strumming of acoustic guitar with haunting keys and guitar swells in the background. Hale takes a quick first verse before hitting into the more uplifting chorus. While the verses tell a story of past failures, it leads to a very positive outlook. With lyrics like “I’m ghostly white, i’m clean as snow, i’m ghostly white” in the chorus and “There is hope for me” being proclaimed through the bridge. The build up along with the subtle high harmonies through the bridge are a very nice touch before coming down with the chorus to hit home with a positive point.

“Got A Lot to Give” is the second track on the album and was released previously as a single in an effort to help raise money for the Haiti relief efforts. Hale does a great job lyrically, helping to make a connection with the listener by being open and honest with his thoughts. Starting out the song “I got a lot to give, I got a lot to say, but I don’t know the right way, and I don’t have the words.” This song really says a lot about how we as people can reach out and help those struggling around the world. Musically, “Got a lot to Give” features a full band and is probably the stand out track on the album.

The EP ends with a very stripped down track called “Wake Within Me”. With just an acoustic guitar and vocals, Hale shows his ability as a great singer/songwriter. The smooth vocal delivery really stands out on this track. It feels like a personal story that he wanted to get out for his own therapy, and in that way, the listener can really connect to a song like this. The chord progression at the end of the chorus while he sings “When you reach into the center of my soul” gets me every time.

At the end of the EP, there is only one complaint that I have. I wish there were more than 3 songs on this release. “Ghostly” will leave you wanting more, but I think that might be the point. Hale pulls you in with his infectious melodies and lets you know there is a bright future ahead. It’s hopeful and honest.

Album: Ghostly
Release Date: October 12, 2010
2)Got A Lot to Give
3)Wake Within Me

For fans of:
Charlie Hall
Robbie Seay
Mercy Me
Shane and Shane
Jon Foreman

For more information on Aaron Hale, check out his website: http://www.aaronhalemusic.com

Written by: Mark Van Sickle


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