Halfway point… time for updated playoff predictions!

Original Predictions:

AFC West: San Diego Chargers
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC East: New England Patriots

NFC West: SF 49ers
NFC North: GB Packers
NFC South: NO Saints
NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

Let me start out by saying that a few teams laid serious rotten eggs this year. Which isn’t totally out of the ordinary. But it made some of my picks look really bad. However, there are a few that still look pretty good. I will adjust some of my picks and tell you how I think the season will play out in the second half.


Despite a slow start, the Chargers are making a comeback. I think they dug themselves too deep of a hole this year to get back to the top spot. The Raiders have surprised, but the Chiefs sit atop the league now and control their own destiny. With their upcoming schedule, I think they can go at least .500 the rest of the way and get 10 wins and win the division.


The Steelers have been playing pretty good all season, but the Ravens have been even better. The Ravens also got a win in Pittsburgh, which gives them a slight edge despite both being 6-2 and 2-1 in division to this point. The Bengals definitely dropped the ball in the off season and are sitting at the bottom of the division, behind the Browns. Ouch.

AFC South: Colts

The Colts have had a few rough patches this year, including lots of injuries. Despite all this, they are still tied with the Titans for the division lead. The Texans have fallen off and the Jags won’t do anything. It will come down to the Titans and Colts and I think Manning will be the X-Factor and help them win their division again.

AFC East: Patriots

I’m gonna stick with the Patriots here despite the Jets solid start. The Jets lost to the Packers recently 9-0 and nearly lost to the Lions last weekend. I think the Pats will end up on top in this division with Miami slowly fading and the Bills still win less.

Wild Cards: Pittsburgh Steelers and NY Jets

Originally, I thought this would be the year the Texans get in, but their recent slide has made me think otherwise. I think the Jets and Steelers will be the wild card, especially since there is still a good chance they could win their divisions. The Pats and Jets could flip flop and so could the Steelers and Ravens, but I think those will be the teams to get in. The Titans will make a run for it, but I don’t know how well they will be able to do down the stretch. Last year they had a great run to end the season, so who knows, maybe they will take one of those two spots. Only time will tell.

NFC West: Seahawks

The Seahawks have surprised me this season. Yes, they have been blown out by the Broncos, Raiders, and Giants. BUT, they have a few good wins in there as well. Right now the Rams lead the division… so yeah. The 49ers have been awful and the Cardinals have not been much better. If this does come down to the Rams/Seahawks, I will go with the Seahawks every time.

NFC North: Packers

The Bears came out firing to start the season with some huge wins early. Since starting 3-0 they have tapered off, but are still hanging in there. However, despite injuries, I think the Packers will end up taking the division. The Vikings have fallen off big time with more drama than day time television. And the Lions just can’t catch a break (Week 1 vs Bears and last week vs Jets should have been W’s).

NFC South: Saints

I’m gonna stick with the Saints on this one. Yes, the Falcons beat the Saints in New Orleans. Yes, the Bucs have started out much better than anyone expected. And yes, the Panthers are who we thought they were, a bad football team. The Falcons have a lot of good things going for them, but I still think the defending superbowl champs will come out on top in this division by the end of the season.

NFC East: Giants

The Giants may be playing the best football of any team in the NFL right now. They had a bye week at just the right time and came off the bye to demolish my NFC West favorite Seattle Seahawks. My original pick (Cowboys) have proven to be the worst team in the NFC. Yeah, I was way off there. The Eagles have stayed tough despite some key players being injured (both QB’s at one point or another as well as their best WR). The Redskins are way too inconsistent to do anything and I think it will come down to the Eagles and Giant, but the Giants have a tougher defense and better running game, which I think will win more ball games down the road.

Wildcards: Falcons and Eagles.

No one from the NFC West will contend for a wild card spot. The teams I am leaving off who still have a chance in my book, well to me, the Bears are the only logical choice left. They still have some divisional games that they can win that could lead them to the playoffs, but i’m just not quite sold yet with Cutler. I think the Bucs will fall off down the stretch and the Vikings dug themselves too deep to make a comeback attempt. The Redskins don’t have what it takes either. I think the Falcons could end up winning the South, so that spot would go to the Saints if that ends up happening. But for now, I’ll go with the Falcons and Eagles.

Superbowl Pick: Ravens vs Packers

I’m sticking with my original superbowl pick. I usually tend to try and keep that same pick throughout unless a team really drops off, like say if I had predicted the Cowboys to go. However, despite injury, I think the Packers are still a very solid team who can make a run. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB to have going into playoff time. I think the Ravens are still very balanced on offense and have a defense who can still get after it.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog. Feel free to leave your comments and let me know who you think will make the playoffs!


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