American Idol Season 10

At my house, we are already diving into this new season of American Idol. In past seasons I haven’t really watched closely until they get to the top 24 people. This year, we’ve been watching every night it is on and already picking and choosing our favorites. After first auditions, group auditions, and individual performances in front of the judges, we are a week away from getting to the top 24. I have compiled my “early” list of people who I think might make it to the top 10. Check it out and let me know what you think:

Haley Reinhart- She kicked off the “solo” night of Hollywood week and stuck with me through the show… a sign of good things to come? Maybe… we shall see.

Ashton Jones- Another singer who was near the front end of the show. She rocked a song by Jennifer Hudson that only a girl with true soul can do. Look out for her!

Clint Jun Gamboa- He came off as a jerk after kicking that chubby 15 year old kid out of his group, but he can sing. I could see him making the top 10 if people go off his vocal talent, however, he could make an early exit with that “jerk” tag on him.

Colton Dixon- I didn’t remember him until the group night and he stood out to me. He played a nice tune using just his piano and vocal and made a great impression. I think this guy could work it out and turn some heads!

Robbie Rosen- A 16 year old kid that has a great voice. He also used piano and vocal to impress the judges.

Casey Abrams- He’s been my favorite male vocalist since the original auditions. Just a great sound, powerful vocal, but can also back it off and have a nice soft vocal as well. He’s also impressed with his variety of insturments he plays including the upright bass on this past episode. AND he killed it (in a good way) again on the vocal. I could see him being in the finals.

Lauren Alaina- She also impressed me since her first audition. ONLY 15 and I think she could be setting herself up for a run at the title. My favorite female vocalist of the competition to this point. I wouldn’t mind if her and Casey finished 1 and 2. AND if it happens, you heard it here first!

Jacob Lusk- Really hadn’t heard much from this guy until tonight. I don’t remember his audition, but he rocked it tonight and really made an impression. And of course, after his emotional breakdown when he walked out to talk to Ryan, he won’t be forgotten now.

James Durbin- I’m not sure if he has the strength or vocal style to make it deep, but I could see him breaking into the top 10. He is likable and has that Adam Lambert vibe to him.

Kendra Chantelle- I didn’t really know who she was until tonight, but she made Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson cry, so I think that says something. It boosted her into my early top 10 list.

Do you like my list? Who would you have in yours? We’ll see how this plays out, but I wanted to get my predictions out there before they cut it down to the top 24 so I could say “i told you so” later on…


2 responses to “American Idol Season 10

  1. I prefer to pretend that this show doesn’t exist because I hate hearing people ruin songs I enjoy, which frequently happens. Therefore I have no list. Also, I can’t watch because Steven Tyler’s old giant mouth freaks me out a little.

    Aside from these things, it’s an okay show.

  2. Haha, that’s all very acceptable. Steven Tyler’s entire being freaks me out, but he’s actually been pretty funny so far and a decent judge. The talent pool is much greater in this season than year’s past, so hopefully they won’t put the songs to shame like in the past *cough*AdamLambert’sversionofJohnnyCash’sringoffire *cough*

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