American Idol Season 10 Top 24

After what i’m sure was a long drawn out two nights of trimming and trying to compile the best of this season’s contestants (I watched it on DVR to save about an hour of time) there are now 24 competitors left. Here is the list:


  1. Naima Adedapo
  2. Lauren Alaina
  3. Kendra Campbell
  4. Ashton Jones
  5. Thia Megia
  6. Haley Reinhart
  7. Karen Rodriguez
  8. Pia Toscano
  9. Lauren Turner
  10. Tatynisa Wilson
  11. Rachel Zevita
  12. Julie Zorilla


  1. Casey Abrams
  2. Jovany Barreto
  3. Jordan Dorsey
  4. James Durbin
  5. Clint Jun Gamboa
  6. Tim Halperin
  7. Stefano Langone
  8. Brett Loewenstern
  9. Jacob Lusk
  10. Scotty McCreery
  11. Paul McDonald
  12. Robbie Rosen

If you read my last blog, you will see 11 of the top 12 I chose made it to the final 24. The only one to not make it was Colton Dixon, who was in the very last scene of tonight’s final taped episode before the show goes live. If you missed it, they put three contestants together and were only taking one of them into the top 24. The “chubby” contestant I talked about in my last post, 15 year old Jacee Badeaux. A lot of people had been following him through out Hollywood week. A lot of drama, young kid, great voice, etc. Red head Brett was another one. I thought he has been pretty good through out, but I never thought he would make the top 24. And of course, Colton Dixon, who has been blowing me away the last couple of weeks with the way he turned songs into his own with the piano and vocal melodies. The judges chose Brett Loewenstern. Like I said, he has been good, and he has a good story, growing up being a kid that was picked on and using music as his outlet. But in his final solo performance in front of the judges, it just didn’t impress me. I thought both Jacee and Colton did better. I think Brett was more consistent than Jacee through out, but I thought Colton was the most talented of the three. Hence why i put him in the running to be in the top 12. The judges urged Colton to try out again, but I think he may get a record deal before they start the next auditions.

As far as the rest of the top 24, I think it went about as I expected. However, since Colton Dixon is out of the running, I need to put someone else in his place on my list. This is a crazy talented top 24, so I could put anyone in there and it may end up being correct. I really like Paul McDonald from Nashville. His voice is very interesting and keeps you hooked. Stefano and Jovany both have huge voices. However, I think I am going to go with Jordan Dorsey. I don’t like the guy and I think he comes off as arrogant, but he’s talented. He’s a music teacher and knows his stuff. He has the skills to get to the top 12. But like I said, this will be a tough one to call. AND you won’t forget people with names like Thia Megia and Pia Toscano. This is a great pool of talent and it will be very interesting each week to see how America votes.

I’ll tell ya this much, you can’t have an off week with such great talent on that stage. If you mess up, it’s very likely you’ll be done after that week. There is little to no room for error. I still think the final two will consist of Casey Abrams and Lauren Alaina. They just seem to jump out at me as the most talented people on that stage. However, with names like Thia Megia and Pia Toscano, you know there won’t be a dull moment during this season.It’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!


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