American Idol’s Baker’s Dozen

Well folks, we have our top 13. Yeah, they threw in a twist at the end. We were supposed to have our Top 12 picked tonight and they let an extra person in. With all of the talent in this group, I didn’t have a problem with that. However, I do take issue with who they put through, but rather who they DIDN’T put through, if that makes sense. At this point, we know all 24 of those people left can sing. So, you could mix and match any number of these top 24 into a top 12 and have a solid group of singers. However, with the way they did it, I’m just not sure we are necessarily getting “the best” 13 at this point. I’ll give you our top 13, and then discuss some more.

In order of how they were chosen on tonight’s show:

Scotty McCreery- The only Country boy left. America loves him, and he was voted through. Wouldn’t have made my top 12.

Pia Toscano- Beautiful… singer! She got a standing “O” and really impressed.

Lauren Alaina- Was compared to two past American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood. My favorite girl.

Karen Rodriguez- She kinda came outta nowhere for me and had one of the best performances of the night.

Jacob Lusk- This guy just does his thing. I think he’ll be in until he hits a night that just doesn’t match his style.

Casey Abrams- This guy can probably do anything, my favorite of the gentlemen. Funny and clever. Has to be a favorite.

Thia Megia- She was compared to Michael Jackson? I guess. She is very good though.

Paul McDonald- A nice guy from Nashville. I didn’t think he’d make it through, but America likes him and his smile!

Hailey Reinhart- She was one i thought could make the top 10. Another impressive performance.

James Durbin- The great “rocker” of the group. This guy’s got the pipes to make it far, but like Lusk, will probably falter on a night when they have to sing something not in with his style.

Ashton Jones- She was one i thought would get to the top 10, but she didn’t really impress me that much in her recent performances. She was given a second chance by the judges.

Stefano Langone- I thought he did great and has been getting better each time. I thought America would vote him in. Good thing the judges gave him a second chance.

Naima Adedapo- Didn’t really impress me that much in her last couple performances, but I guess the judges see something in her that got her the last spot.

Surprises: Robbie Rosen didn’t make the final 13. I thought he was good enough to be in the Top 10, but I think I know why he didn’t get there. All of the hipsters were voting for Paul McDonald and all of the country fans were voting for Scotty. BUT that is why the judges have a wild card. He had a great “save” song and I thought the judges would take that into account. Stefano also had an excellent performance, so I don’t fault the judges for choosing Stefano. The judges choices of girls were a bit off in my opinion.

Kendra Chantelle sang brilliantly in her “save” song, showing her vocal range and really out doing the Ashton and Naima. Sure, Ashton had better stage presence and Naima was more emotional, but this is a vocal competition the last time I checked. I think Robbie and Kendra earned a spot with their songs, however we are going forward with what the judges have given us. Not that Ashton and Naima aren’t good, I just didn’t think they were AS good as the other two.

Clint Jun Gamboa and Jordan Dorsey were judge favorites, so I was a little surprised not to see them get a second chance to sing. Jordan did himself no favors with his performance last night, but I thought the judges would give him a chance with a different song. I was never really a fan of either guy and thought they both came off as a bit arrogant in Hollywood week. Clint was the one who kicked 15 year old Jaycee out of their group. He  had a solid performance this week, but not good enough to get a second chance. I’m kinda glad to see these guys go. The rest of the group seems to have good chemistry.

And finally, Colton Dixon. I know, he didn’t even make the top 24, but he should have. I mean, what did red head Brett do? Oh yeah, nothing special. I saw Colton perform on Ellen today (yes, I watched Ellen, don’t judge me) and he was outstanding. I feel like he would have made the top 13, maybe even been a fan favorite and been a top 10 pick. I think this guy will be in music very soon. I can see him fronting a band like The Fray or Lifehouse.

Overall, this is shaping up to be a great season with plenty of twists and turns along the way already. 6 of my original picks for top 10 are still left. Hailey, Lauren, Ashton, Casey, Jacob, and James. My favorites are still Casey and Lauren. I think they have the best personality and both have great voices to go along with everything else they bring to the table. As we have seen leading up to the picking of the top 13, nothing is certain in this competition. That is why we both love and hate this show; anything can happen.


7 responses to “American Idol’s Baker’s Dozen

  1. The last time I watched American Idol, they sang Beatles songs. Meaning they messed up Beatles songs. Do they ever make the competitors write songs? I would be more interested in that.

  2. Badlands, I’m sure they would make a show like that (or COULD make a show like that), but the only problem is, how many people can write a song (a good song) in a week? Would they be able to turn it into a 3 month long show? I think that would probably be more of a train wreck than American Idol, but hey, I’d watch it!

    Some of the contestants on American Idol, this year and in year’s past, write their own music and even perform it for auditions or during their solo try in front of judges during Hollywood week. So sometimes that actually is incorporated. A song writing show would be interesting though, that’s for sure. It would definitely be harder to pull off. Make it happen. You can be the executive producer and be the next Simon Cowell!

  3. Here’s a link to one of the guys who just got kicked out of the Top 24 last week when they made the cut… he already had plans of releasing a solo album this September. If he had won American Idol, i’m sure they wouldn’t have let him release his own album, or if they did, it would have at least been re-recorded/tweaked. So I think this guy is better off without the “American Idol” title.

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