And then there were 12…

Warning: Spoiler Alerts, if you have not watched this week and don’t want the surprise to be ruined, don’t read this!

We have our first cast off of American Idol season 10. Ashton Jones is out! Yeah, it’s kinda sad when you see people go home, and when you see how close this group of 13 is then it does make it a little bit more emotional, but I think America made the correct choice. Personally, I didn’t think Ashton should have made it into the top 13. I thought her performance on Wednesday night was so-so. She didn’t show great control on her low notes and just wasn’t as solid as the judges remembered her from auditions and Hollywood week. I felt like the judges were always a bit high on her and I wasn’t sure why. I mean, she can sing, but she wasn’t the best in this competition.

I actually called who the bottom 3 would be. I didn’t think any of the guys would be in the bottom 3, and the other 2 that joined Ashton were Hailey and Karen. I thought Hailey had a decent performance, but I wasn’t really familiar with that song, so I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Karen chose a song she loved, but didn’t really put the emotional connection to it like I thought she would. She claimed monitor issues and that she couldn’t hear herself throughout the performance. I liked Karen last week, so I was glad to see her stay to get a second chance. Ashton already got her second chance when the judges brought her into the Top 13, so I was glad she was sent home this week.

The judges, wisely, chose not to “save” Ashton again. For those who don’t  know, the Judges get one week where they can “save” someone if they think America chose the wrong person to send home. They can do this up until there are 5 contestants left I believe. It is definitely more interesting when there is a save later in the season and I think the judges made a good choice to let Ashton go this week.

A few side notes, Casey Abrams did a fantastic job with his song this week. Definitely a fan favorite and still a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, he was hospitalized before the show last night, so he wasn’t able to be there for the elimination show. Hopefully he gets better soon. Lauren Alaina, my girl favorite, was a bit underwhelming. She even admitted during the elimination show that she didn’t do very well and that she was “sorry” for her performance. It was kinda a sad moment when she did that, but it was honest and I think it made people like her even more. Pia may be my new girl favorite. She killed it again and showed that she is definitely a front runner in this competition. I also really enjoyed James Durbin’s song he did. He covered a Paul McCartney tune and showed us a new, softer side of himself. I think this will help him in the long run of the competition and could help him be a contender.

At first, I thought the girls were the strength in this year’s group. A couple weeks in, and I may have to change my mind. The guys have been doing very well, and by the show of 3 girls in the bottom 3, that could be a sign that the guys could be dominating again this year. I think the girls have a couple of stand outs in Pia and Lauren, but they have some very stiff competition on the guys side. Right now, it’s tough to call a favorite, but I still like Casey if he can stay healthy. It will be very interesting to see what happens next week!


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