College Football 2011

College football season is already into full swing with several big games having already been played. Sorry I am late to posting my pre-season thoughts but I have been busy working with my friends on our new NFL website. You can check that out at if you want. But I am back on here for the first time in a while and I am already fully engaged into the college football season! Here are my early thoughts and also some of my pre-season predictions that I didn’t get a chance to post before the season started.

Pre-Season Predictions:

National Championship Game: Oklahoma vs Boise State

Yes, I have one team that many predicted as the favorite and pre-season #1 in Oklahoma. But I went with a wild card for my second team in Boise State. This is a team led by one of the best QB minds in college football in Kellen Moore. I thought if they could get by Georgia (a ranked SEC team) in week 1, then they could go undefeated the rest of the way. Yes, their schedule isn’t as tough as most others in the top 25, but if they can run the tables, I don’t think there is a team (other than Oklahoma) that will go through this season without a loss on their schedule. This gives Boise State the advantage. This would also be intriguing in the last time these two met in a BCS bowl game (Fiesta Bowl) Boise State won on the statue of liberty two point conversion. This time, I don’t think Oklahoma will be over looking them.

Winner and National Champ: Oklahoma

Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs Oregon

This is a bit of a homer pick with both teams, but I think they both have the talent and ability to make it to the grandaddy of them all. This is the first year of the Pac 12 and the first year of the Big 10 with 12 teams. Both teams will have to play in a championship game and win it in order to get there. I could see Oregon slipping at Stanford, but if they can get by them, they will represent the North division from the Pac-12 and win the first ever Pac-12 title. Nebraska has a tough road as well, playing all the Big 10 teams who went to bowl games last year. They get to open their Big 10 season on the road at Wisconsin, one of the toughest places to play in America. I think Nebraska will lose that game. However, I think they will win the rest of their games en route to a re-match against Wisconsin in the first ever Big 10 Championship game in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. They will take the re-match and make it to the Rose Bowl. I think Nebraska will have the advantage in this game. They have a great defense and have the speed to keep up with and contain Oregon’s explosive offense. The Pelini brothers will have over a month to plan and prepare a way to stop the Oregon attack. I think it will be a close game, but Nebraska will win a close one.

Winner: Nebraska

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Virginia Tech

I think Alabama has a very good team, but they have a very tough schedule. If they can make it through undefeated, they will definitely be in the national championship game. I just don’t think they can do it. I think they are the best team in the SEC though and they will be in a BCS bowl this year. Virginia Tech is always an interesting team. They have a very favorable schedule this year, and if they don’t slip up early (like they have the last few years) I think they will make a run into a BCS bowl this year. In a match up of these two teams, I think Alabama’s defense will be the difference.

Winner: Alabama

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs LSU

This would be a great battle. Both teams have solid defense and Florida State is trying to become nationally relevant again. I think the pre-season poll that has Florida State #5 is a bit high, but I think they will be good enough to make a run at the ACC title and a BCS berth. In the end, I think LSU’s team is stronger than Florida State this year, and I would go with the Tigers.

Winner: LSU

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs Stanford

Oklahoma State has the chance to have a very solid season. This offense is explosive and have several NFL caliber players. On the other side, Stanford has the most likely #1 overall pick in next year’s draft in QB Andrew Luck. Both teams will know how to move the ball and will have good seasons. I think if Stanford can get by Oregon, they might even be in the national title discussion at year’s end. If they don’t beat Oregon, I think they will win the rest of their games and still make a BCS bowl, just like last year. This one would be fun to watch and a high scoring affair. In the end, I think I’d pick the team with Andrew Luck.

Winner: Stanford

Those are my pre-season big bowl predictions and how I think some of the top teams will do this year. Some sleepers: Arizona State, Michigan State, South Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Baylor. Not saying these teams will make the BCS, but they could make some noise and pull off some upsets in tough conferences.

Hope you all enjoy the season as much as I am planning on it!


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